Reading Road Trip: Construction Zone

Welcome to stop two on the Reading Road Trip! If you’re just joining us, be sure to download the roadmap so you can follow along. Also, sign up here for a chance to win a prize pack at the end of the summer! The reading road trip continues this week with a drive through a construction zone! Unlike construction zones in real life, which can slow us down or bring us to a full stop and add a lot of frustration to a journey, this construction zone is all about bringing a little construction-themed fun to the summer! So we hope you take some time this week to spend a little “building” time with your kids, reading books with a construction theme—whether that be books about building with blocks or bricks, toys or giant cranes. Continue reading for story time ideas and a construction themed reading list. Read : Books that fit the theme of “construction zone,” however you want to interpret it! FEATURED BOOK: Billions of Bricks by Kurt Cyrus Billions of Bricks by Kurt Cyrus is a book about b

Children's Books About Snowflakes: A Read, Discuss, Do! Book List


Winter can be long and dreary, and one way to make it a little more bearable is by stocking up on library books. Today we want to encourage you to read some books that celebrate winter’s most magical wonder: snowflakes! Whether you live in a place where the winter temperatures plunge well below zero or you’re simply dreaming of a summer heat wave, we hope this list of books will help you appreciate winter and make it a happy season of rest, reading, and maybe learning something new about snowflakes!

Read: Any book that features snowflakes!


  • If it’s a fiction book, discuss the story and characters. How do snowflakes play a part in the story?

  • If it’s a non-fiction book, what is something new you learned about snowflakes? What is something you already knew?

  • Have you ever caught a snowflake on your tongue? On your mitten or glove?

  • Have you ever looked at a snowflake up close? What did it look like?


  • Make paper snowflakes. Here is a video tutorial on how to make a six-pointed snowflake. Experiment with different sizes and designs.

  • Draw snowflakes with a white crayon or silver marker on dark colored paper.

  • If you have snow where you live, head outside to catch snowflakes. How quickly do they melt when you catch them?

  • Make these sweet tortilla snowflakes for a yummy snack!

And now for the list!

Snowflake Bentley by Jacqueline Briggs Martin, illustrated by Mary Azarian

True story about Wilson Bentley, his fascination with snowflakes and how he came to be well-known for  photographing them so the world could see the beauty and detail of snowflakes.

The Magical Snowflake by Bernette Ford, illustrated by Erin K. Robinson

A charming story in which a young girl wishing for snow on a cold day follows a “magical snowflake” until her community is transformed into a winter wonderland where everyone is celebrating. 

The Snowflake: Winter’s Secret Beauty (nonfiction) by Kenneth Libbrecht, photography by Patricia Rasmussen

For those who want to dig deeper into the beauty and science of snowflakes. This book is an exhaustive resource full of interesting facts and amazing snowflake photography.

The Snowflake by Benji Davies

Also a Christmas story, this one is a beautifully illustrated story told in alternating perspectives. One is of a snowflake who is afraid to fall, but embraces the experience and whirls here and there looking for the perfect place to land. The other is a young girl who hopes the tiny tree she decorated will soon be covered in her snow. Both the snowflake and the girl get their wishes!

Just One Flake by Travis Jonker

This book is a fun story about a little boy who is determined to catch just one snowflake on his tongue. It’s a tightly written story with simple illustrations that pop on the page. Perfect for tots and preschoolers!

The Snowflakes by Felicia Law, illustrated by Claire Philpott and Karen Radford

A cute, informational fiction book in which a penguin attempts to explain snowflakes and snow to his warm jungle friends. 

Snowflakes On Our Tongues by Mike Ornstein, illustrated by Pauline Gregory 

No one wants to admit how fun it is to catch snowflakes on their tongues. When the snow starts to fall on the farm and Farmer Pumpernickel isn’t looking, one by one the cows, sheep, piglets, chickens, and even the horse catch snowflakes on their tongues. The last scene shows that when the animals aren’t looking, Farmer Pumpernickel also catches snowflakes on his tongue because it is just, plain fun! The back matter includes information on the science of snowflakes.

No Two Alike by Keith Baker

This is a rhyming picture book for the youngest reader to help them understand how unique the world is. Just as no two snowflakes are alike, there is no one who is exactly like you!

Snowflakes Fall by Patricia Mac Lauchlan, illustrated by Steven Kellogg

 The beautiful art in this story captivates alongside words that show the natural cycle of life. Beginning with places where snowflakes fall, the reader follows the imprints made in snow and how they then disappear, but they feed into streams and come back again. 

Middle Grade:

Perfect by Kiri Jorgesen

This Middle Grade book is the story of Sal, a young girl with OCD that counts her steps, wears a uniform to school (that isn't required), and struggles with social interactions. The lure of finding the perfect snowflake leads her to join the weather club where the group doesn't just study weather, but the mystery of stolen phones from their school. As Sal studies patterns, she discovers the value of friends and follows the trail of a thief.