Deck the Halls with a Christmas Book Buffet!

by Laura Sassi One of the things I love most about doing signings at bookstores is chatting with customers. Often, as I am inscribing a book, customers will explain why they are buying the book and who they plan to give it to. Well, a few years ago, one lovely customer got extra excited when she saw Goodnight Manger . For the inscription, she asked that I inscribe it with a simple “Merry Christmas 2016”. Then she explained that my book would be part of her family’s most wonderful tradition – decorating the house for Christmas with picture books! This tradition, she explained, began the year her first child was born. That Christmas she and her husband purchased their first Christmas picture book and displayed it as part of their holiday decor. The next year they bought a second book, the third year a third book and so on. For over thirty years now, she has been decorating her house for Christmas with these picture books. Each year she nestles the new book somewhere among the special c

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