Ten Reason Your Kids Should Participate in a Summer Reading Program

by Rebecca J. Gomez When my kids were young, summer reading programs were a sure thing. For the most part, my children were avid readers, especially my girls. A summer reading program wasn't necessary to encourage them to read, but we participated because it was a fun addition to summer. And the free pizza, books, and water park tickets definitely didn't hurt! There are lots of reasons to participate in a summer reading program or challenge, and here are ten of them: 1. Many summer reading programs offer prizes. And while we all know that reading is its own reward, some kids haven't figured that out yet. For those kids, a prize is just the incentive they need to stick their noses in a book now and then over the summer. 2. It's a fun way to reward those kids who will be reading no matter what! 3. For some families, trips to the library may help break up summer monotony.  4. Summer reading programs promote reading together as a family, especially for those with very young

Adventure Awaits: The Read, Discuss, Do! Summer Challenge!

Summer is fast approaching, and that means it's almost time for the 3rd annual Read, Discuss, Do! Summer Challenge! The Summer Challenge is a summer reading program--but not your typical summer reading program. This challenge isn't about counting pages or books read. It's not about logging how much time your child reads every day. It's about pairing books with fun summer activities!

Heading to the pool this summer? Check out JABARI JUMPS by Gaia Cornwall. Taking a camping trip? How about RAJ AND THE BEST VACATION EVER! by Sebastien Braun? Even if you're planning a quiet summer spent at home, adventure can be found in books. And when you pair the books you're reading with fun activities and conversations, you'll be connecting with your kids, making fond summer memories, and helping prevent the dreaded "summer slide." 

The Summer Challenge kicks off on June 2 and ends on August 11. That's ten weeks of pairing books with summer fun. If that sounds daunting to you, don't worry! We have the summer all planned out with weekly themes, book recommendations, and activity ideas. Plus, there will be giveaways!

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You can find more by searching this site or searching #RDDSummerChallenge on social media.

Want to join in the fun? Come back on Friday, May 19 to find out more details, sign up to participate, and enter our kick-off giveaway. In the meantime, feel free to download the free Summer Challenge bookmarks. There are two designs to color and one blank one so kiddos can design their own! Click the image below to download the file:


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