Reading Road Trip: Construction Zone

Welcome to stop two on the Reading Road Trip! If you’re just joining us, be sure to download the roadmap so you can follow along. Also, sign up here for a chance to win a prize pack at the end of the summer! The reading road trip continues this week with a drive through a construction zone! Unlike construction zones in real life, which can slow us down or bring us to a full stop and add a lot of frustration to a journey, this construction zone is all about bringing a little construction-themed fun to the summer! So we hope you take some time this week to spend a little “building” time with your kids, reading books with a construction theme—whether that be books about building with blocks or bricks, toys or giant cranes. Continue reading for story time ideas and a construction themed reading list. Read : Books that fit the theme of “construction zone,” however you want to interpret it! FEATURED BOOK: Billions of Bricks by Kurt Cyrus Billions of Bricks by Kurt Cyrus is a book about b

Parent and Child Poetry Challenge: Tercet Poems

by Rebecca J. Gomez

For our final Poetry Month challenge, we are exploring tercets! A tercet is simply a three-lined poem or a three-lined stanza (or verse) in a longer poem. Tercets often rhyme, with each line ending with the same sound. Sometimes only the first and last lines rhyme. And other times they don't rhyme at all!

Here is an example of a rhyming tercet poem:

Honey Bee

by Rebecca J. Gomez

The honey bee buzzes from flower to flower.
Doesn't he ever grow weary at all
busily buzzing hour by hour?

Here is one that does not rhyme: 

Delicious Dilemma

by Julia McMullen and Samantha Coté

A box of puffs calls, whispers of magic sugar dust.
I pass temptation, pushing my cart of provisions,
but I left my heart in aisle four.

There is only one rule in writing a tercet: there must only be three lines! That's it. And here's a fun fact: ANY three-lined poem is a tercet. Even a haiku!

I hope you enjoy writing tercets this week. Remember to share them on social media using the hashtag #RDDPoetryChallenge or email them to us at 

Happy Writing!


Mindy Baker said…
I love this! It has been such a fun month!