Reading Road Trip: A Visit to a Museum

If you’ve been traveling along with us this summer, we’ve arrived at STOP SIX of our Read, Discuss, Do! Summer Reader Road Trip. It’s a museum adventure! If this is your first week with us, you can still grab our map  and join us for an epic summer reading adventure. You can find other  printable resources here . For this week’s theme, the focus is on books that include a museum as a backdrop or any nonfiction and/or other educational book that catch’s your child’s interest. Art, science, math, history…you name it! What museums are in your area? If possible, take your children to visit a local museum and learn something new. If not, use the library as your museum and look up facts about topics of interest. READ : Any books that features a museum, or any nonfiction or educational book. Featured Book : Dakota Crumb Tiny Treasure Hunter by Jamie Michalak and illustrated by Kelly Murphy. This is a picture book about a tiny mouse that hunts for treasure at night in a huge museum. With the t

Reading Road Trip: Excitement at Adventure Mountain

Welcome to stop number FOUR on our Reading Road Trip! If you’ve been traveling along with us this summer, you’ve joined us on a drive through open country, slowed down in a construction zone, and have taken in some scenic views. This week we’re ready for a little adventure!

If this is your first week with us, you can still grab our map and join us in the adventure. You can also find the weekly coloring pages and other printable resources here. This week we’re stopping for a little excitement at Adventure Mountain! We’re encouraging you to look for books about mountains, the wilderness, caves, adventure, and more! Will you set up camp at the base of the mountain for a camping trip? Head up the mountain for a wilderness adventure? Or maybe take your little explorers into some caves and caverns?

Read: Any book relating to mountains, caves, or any kind of adventuring!

Featured Book: The Cave by Rob Hodgson. This book is a cute and funny story about a wolf who keeps trying to entice the “little creature” out of his cave. Little ones will laugh and probably speculate as to what kind of creature lives in the cave as you read. There’s a funny twist at the end, but perhaps some readers won’t be surprised!


  • Have you ever been inside a cave? If so, what was it like? If not, would you like to?

  • The “little creature” in the cave turned out to be not so little. What other creatures might live in caves?

  • What kinds of things might you see inside a cave besides creatures?

  • Have you read any other books that feature a cave? How was that book different than this one?

Do: Create an art project inspired by the illustrations in The Cave

You will need:

  • Construction paper. Black for the cave, and two other colors of your choice.

  • Glue

  • Scissors

  • Googly eyes (or make eyes with white and black paper)

  • Crayons (optional)

To make your art:

  1. Choose a color for the background. I chose yellow like on the cover of the book. Choose another color for the hill.

  2. Cut a large hump shape out of your hill color. Glue it to the background paper.

  3. Cut a smaller hump shape out of black paper for the cave. Glue it to the bottom of your hill.

  4. Glue eyes to the cave. Now you have a “little creature” in a cave!

  5. Optional: Use crayons to add some details to your picture. 

Other activities to try this week:

  • Take a hike at a park or a wilderness area.

  • If you’re able, visit a cave.

  • Or, make your own cave by building a pillow fort!

  • Go on an adventure by visiting a new place in your town.

  • Create some torn paper landscape art. Here’s a great video tutorial to try.

  • Have an imaginary adventure in your own back yard. Where will you go? What exciting things might happen?

You can also download this week’s coloring page.

Adventure Mountain Book List

Dave’s Cave by Frann Preston-Gannon - Cute book about a caveman looking for a new home. Short, concise, caveman-like text that is amusing to read aloud.

The Hike by Alison Farrell. This is a delightful book about an adventurous hike, during which the three hikers spot various flora and fauna, munch on berries, get lost, get back on track, and make their way to the top of a mountain for a stunning view.

The Boy and the Mountain By Mario Bellini and Marianna Coppo. A boy wants to draw the mountain he can see from his house, but the drawing isn’t come out right. Deciding he needs a closer look, he sets out with his dog and draws what he sees along the way. 

Hike by Pete Oswald. This mostly wordless picture book tells the story of a dad and his kid going out for a hike in the mountains. 

A Camping Spree with Mr. Magee by Chris Van Dusen. This is a comical read aloud that demonstrates a zany camping adventure while the characters also experience the beauty of nature and its scenery.

Caves by Nell Cross Beckerman, illustrated by Kalen Chock. A stunningly illustrated nonfiction book about caves and how they are formed. 

For older readers or family read-alouds:

The Princess and the Goblin by George MacDonald. This classic book is a wonderful fairy tale full of adventure, friendship, and magic. Princess Irene, who leads a lonely life at a castle house, and her new friend Curdie, a local miner, must work together to save the kingdom from the threat of the goblins who live deep in the mountains.

The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien. Another classic that should always be included on a list about books with mountains! The story of Bilbo Baggins and his adventure to the Lonely Mountain with a party of dwarves and Gandalf the wizard makes for an epic family read-aloud.

Everest (series) by Gordon Korman. Mindy Baker says: I read this fast-paced action series aloud with my son when he was in 4th grade. We couldn’t put it down as it felt like we were there participating in every twist and turn of the adventure! The series is about four kids who are competing to be the youngest person to scale Everest. It has relatable characters and is a real page turner!