Reading Road Trip: A Visit to a Museum

If you’ve been traveling along with us this summer, we’ve arrived at STOP SIX of our Read, Discuss, Do! Summer Reader Road Trip. It’s a museum adventure! If this is your first week with us, you can still grab our map  and join us for an epic summer reading adventure. You can find other  printable resources here . For this week’s theme, the focus is on books that include a museum as a backdrop or any nonfiction and/or other educational book that catch’s your child’s interest. Art, science, math, history…you name it! What museums are in your area? If possible, take your children to visit a local museum and learn something new. If not, use the library as your museum and look up facts about topics of interest. READ : Any books that features a museum, or any nonfiction or educational book. Featured Book : Dakota Crumb Tiny Treasure Hunter by Jamie Michalak and illustrated by Kelly Murphy. This is a picture book about a tiny mouse that hunts for treasure at night in a huge museum. With the t

Reading Road Trip: Enjoying the View at a Scenic Overlook

If you’ve been traveling along with us this summer, we’ve arrived at STOP #3 of our Read, Discuss, Do! Summer Reader Road Trip. It’s a scenic overlook! 

If this is your first week with us, you can still grab our map and join us for an epic summer reading adventure. You can find other printable resources here. For this week’s theme, there are lots of natural wonders in the world, so try to find a book that features picturesque scenes. This could be books about landmarks, impressive or unique places in the world, or really anything else that you think of when you hear the phrase “scenic overlook.”

READ:  Any books that feature picturesque scenes or particularly stunning illustrations.

Featured Book: Most of the Better Natural Things in the World, written by Dave Eggers & and illustrated by Angel Chang

Most of the Better Natural Things in the World, written by Dave Eggers & and illustrated by Angel Chang, is a picture book that will inspire your family to want to slow down and take in a scenic overlook. Tiger roams the earth with his chair and takes in the views of many of its most breathtaking and gorgeous geographic features. On the last scene he arrives to the Taiga where his family is waiting for him, making a point that there is nothing better than doing life with the ones you love. The back matter gives a scientific description of each geographic feature in the book. The illustrations are astonishingly beautiful, and it will ignite a desire in you open your eyes to the beauty around you as well as give you a thirst to travel the world. 

As I read the book, I enjoyed making a mental checklist of all the geographic features that I have been privileged to see in my lifetime, along with another list of ones that I still want to encounter! I also loved the chair symbol. To me it represents remembering to slow down and observe the beauty of nature that is all around us. It is easy to get caught up in the busy schedule of life and forget to appreciate the Earth’s beauty and wonder at its majesty. 

Take some time with your children this summer to find a lawn chair and take in the views of a sunset or sunrise or a famous geographical feature of your area. If you are traveling, don’t forget to schedule time to enjoy the scenery! If you are a faith-based family, let this book be a springboard into a discussion about the awesome power and creativity our Creator.


  1. Which geographical features in the book have you already seen? Which ones would you like to see? 

  2. Why do you think Tiger is carrying a chair? 

  3. Why do you think he is roaming the Earth?

  4. Who does Tiger find on the last page spread and why is that so comforting to him?

  5. For faith-based families: Who created all of the wonderful things we encounter in nature? What is your favorite part of creation?


Idea One: Take in a scenic view with your family

Set up some lawn chairs and take in a scenic view. You could do this at a destination location or right in your very own backyard. Ideas: watch a sunset, watch a sunrise, gaze at the stars, or go on a drive or hike to a place near you that has a beautiful vista. 

The most important thing is to take time to enjoy it. 

  • If you have a stuffed animal tiger, invite him to join the fun!

  • If you have binoculars, use them! (Or make your own…see craft idea below).

  • Play “I spy with my little eye” to lengthen your time together.  

  • Enjoy a simple snack as your do your gazing.

  • Ask you child “I wonder questions” such as “I wonder how deep the ocean is,” or “I wonder what animals live in this pond,” or “I wonder how far away the stars are…” If you are a faith-based family, this is a perfect time to talk about God and the wonder of Creation.

Idea Two: Make your own binoculars from toilet paper tubes.

Here is a You tube video that shares the process of making this simple craft.

You can also download the scenic overlook coloring page!

Scenic View Book List

Carson Crosses Canada by Linda Bailey and illustrated by Kass Reich. This is a delightful and picturesque book about a dog and his person taking a long road trip across Canada, from the Pacific to the Atlantic.

Over and Under the Canyon by Kate Messner, with art by Christopher Silas Neal. Follow a mother and son on their walk through the canyon and discover the wonders above and below!

National Parks of the USA by Kate Siber and illustrated by Chris Turnham. This book is divided into regions and includes information about each park and the plants and animals that live there. The illustrations are stunning.

Hiking Day by Anne Rockwell and illustrated by Lizzy Rockwell. This is the first time that a young girl goes on a hike with her parents. The book chronicles the experience and the view at the top of the summit is breathtaking. 

Wonder Walkers by Micha Archer demonstrates how to spend meaningful time with your child in nature. It encourages observation and imagination. 

If I were a Park Ranger by Catherine Stier and illustrated by Patrick Corrigan. Told in second person, this book gives you a glimpse of what it takes to be a park ranger. Included in the book are many scenic views. If you are planning a trip to a National Park or a State Park, this book is the perfect springboard into that experience.

Grand Canyon by Jason Chin. This is a non-fiction book filled with specific information about the Grand Canyon. Perfect for families planning to travel to this epic vacation spot with stunning views.

The Camping Trip by Jennifer K. Mann. Ernestine goes on her first camping trip. Although she is very excited, each step along the way challenges her to try new things that seem a little uncomfortable, and at times a little scary. It is a great book for showing your hesitant child how trying new things can lead to fun adventures, wonderful memories, and the most scenic views.

We hope you will join us next week for ADVENTURE MOUNTAIN! Also, we’d love to hear what books you have been selecting for the themes. Feel free to comment and tell us your favorite titles, or share with us the maps you have been coloring long the way!