Picture Book Pair for Sharing Love and Friendship

  Picture book pair posts are about showing how books with similar themes can open up a world of discussion possibilities, and those discussions are great ways to connect with your children or students. It can be fascinating to see how different authors and illustrators approach different topics and themes. Pairing books with similar themes during story time will help children learn that everyone sees and experiences the world a little differently, and it's good to see other people's perspectives. Today is Valentine’s Day, and that has everyone talking about love! But not just romantic love. The love of friends and family is a big topic too! Yes, this time of year love is a hot topic, but it’s a good topic to read and talk about all year long. So today we’d like to share two lovely books with a theme of love between friends. But love isn’t the only thing these two books have in common. They also both feature bears! In Love is in the Little Things by Stella J. Jones, illustrate

Summer Challenge Week Ten: Books and Movies!

It's the final week of the Read, Discuss, Do! Summer Challenge, and we're going for low pressure, high fun with a Books and Movies theme! What better way to end a summer reading challenge than with a great family read followed by a night at the movies? There are so many great books that have been made into movies, but we couldn't recommend them all, so we chose a few favorites that would be especially good for the whole family, no matter the ages. Feel free to choose a book and movie not on this list! 

To read

HORTON HEARS A WHO by Dr. Seuss. This story about an elephant determined to save an entire tiny community is not only great for fostering lots of discussions, but it's also super fun to read aloud. And the movie is pretty great too. Lots of laughs and action!

THE TALE OF DESPEREAUX by Kate DiCamillo is a beautiful story about a heroic little mouse who sets out to rescue a princess. The animated movie is a charming delight too!

HOLES by Louis Sachar is a story about a young boy, Stanley Yelnats, who is wrongfully convicted of a crime and is sent to Camp Greenlake, where the boys there spend their days digging holes in the dirt. But there is so much more to this richly layered story full of mystery and laughs.

CHARLOTTE'S WEB by E. B. White. This classic story about the friendship between a pig and a spider is beloved by people across generations. Read the book and watch the old animated movie or the more recent (2006) live action film. Either would be a great choice!

A few other good ones: THE BFG by Roald Dahl, WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE by Maurice Sendak, THE LION, THE WITCH, AND THE WARDROBE by C. S. Lewis, and for the older crowd, THE PRINCESS BRIDE by William Goldman.

To discuss:

  • Which character do you relate to the most? Why?
  • How do you picture the characters and the setting? 
  • If you were casting the parts for this movie, who would play the main characters? Where would you want to film the movie? 
  • Do you have a favorite book to film adaptation? 
To do
  • Watch the movie based on your chosen book! 
  • Make it a themed night, complete with costumes and book-themed snacks.
  • Come up with an idea for a trailer or advertisement for the movie.
  • Be a reviewer! Write or record a review for the movie.
  • Compare and contrast the book and movie. How different were they? Which did you enjoy more?