Eight Tips for Helping Young Readers Bloom

Spring is here, so many people are planning and prepping to work in their gardens. In many places, spring flowers are already blooming or daffodils and other spring bulbs are poking up out of the warming soil. Given the right conditions and care, gardens can be thriving, vibrant places full of life. And the same is true for young readers! So, to celebrate spring and gardens and reading, here are ten tips to help your young readers bloom and thrive, along with some garden photos for some garden inspiration. 1. Just like flowers, budding readers blossom in their own time. Encourage them, but let them grow at their own pace. 2. Gardens need the right nutrients to grow, and this can vary depending on the plant. The same is true for young readers. Fertilize young readers minds with consistent, nutrient-rich mind food. In other words, offer a variety of books! But remember, not all growing readers will respond to the same books the same way.  Cone flowers and black-eyed Susans in Rebecca'

Snack and Story Time: HEY BRUCE! and Bear Paw Cookies

Hey Bruce! Picture Book and Snack 
by Mindy Baker

Hey Bruce! written and illustrated by Ryan T. Higgins is a humorous interactive picture book
that is truly special. As explained in the front flap, an interactive books means the reader will make things happen inside the book. Kids will love tapping Bruce to wake him up, rocking the books to get him back to sleep, playing a melody on the piano keys…and many more creative interactions along the way. The mice in the story narrate and tell you, “the reader,” what to do.

My favorite part is when the mice tell the reader they can see up his nose. I also loved Bruce’s
bunny pajamas and when Bruce rode his unicycle on a tight rope over the mud. This is the perfect book for some light-hearted fun.

Read: Hey Bruce! written and illustrated by Ryan T. Higgins


1. Who wakes you up? Do you use an alarm clock or wake up on your own?
2. Is it easy for you to wake up? Why or why not?
3. Have you ever had to wake anyone who was sleeping? How did you do it?
4. What was your favorite part of this book?


Fun Snack Ideas for the book Hey Bruce! (Or any bear-themed book)

Idea #1

Teddy Grahams are an easy snack for any bear-themed book. Have a bowl of Teddy Grahams while you read this story.

Idea #2

Make your favorite peanut butter cookie recipe. I love the traditional peanut butter blossoms by Betty Crocker that I make every year at Christmas. Or purchase a Betty Crocker Peanut Butter Cookie mix. When you roll the balls, press down with a fork. Then flip upside down so that the side with the ridges does not show. Bake according to the recipe directions.

Once baked, use a Hershey’s chocolate kiss. Trim off the top so that it is a flatter piece of chocolate, and turn upside down as you place it into the cookie. Add three upside down chocolate chips to create paw prints. Delicious and so cute!