Eight Tips for Helping Young Readers Bloom

Spring is here, so many people are planning and prepping to work in their gardens. In many places, spring flowers are already blooming or daffodils and other spring bulbs are poking up out of the warming soil. Given the right conditions and care, gardens can be thriving, vibrant places full of life. And the same is true for young readers! So, to celebrate spring and gardens and reading, here are ten tips to help your young readers bloom and thrive, along with some garden photos for some garden inspiration. 1. Just like flowers, budding readers blossom in their own time. Encourage them, but let them grow at their own pace. 2. Gardens need the right nutrients to grow, and this can vary depending on the plant. The same is true for young readers. Fertilize young readers minds with consistent, nutrient-rich mind food. In other words, offer a variety of books! But remember, not all growing readers will respond to the same books the same way.  Cone flowers and black-eyed Susans in Rebecca'

Snack and Story Time: LOVE IS KIND

by Rebecca J. Gomez

Love is Kind by Laura Sassi, illustrated by Lison Chaperon, is a book that illustrates what real love looks like in a story about Little Owl and his quest to buy his Grammy a gift for her birthday. Little Owl wants to buy her a heart-shaped box of chocolates, but a series of events ruins his plans. How will he show her how much he loves her if he doesn't have a gift in hand? Love is Kind is the perfect book to pair with a sweet treat, especially if you plan to share that treat with someone you love. Just remember, love is about much more than treats!

Read: Love is Kind


  • In what was does Little Owl show love to others throughout the story?
  • What is one way you have shown love today?
  • Talk about a time when it was hard to be loving.
  • Who are some people you love a lot?
  • How can you be loving to people around you, even if you don't know them well?
  • What is your favorite kind of chocolate treat?

Do: Enjoy a chocolate treat with someone you love. Here are a few ideas that are perfect for summer time:

  • Chocolate dipped ice cream! You can go out for this special treat or do it at home. Here is a simple recipe for an instant chocolate shell to pour over ice cream. 
  • Make chocolate dipped strawberries. Yummy! Here's how. 
  • Make chocolate dipped pretzels with family and friends. Stick on in a bowl of ice cream for a bit of crunch!
  • Make ice cream sundaes with your favorite chocolate toppings. Some options: crushed m&ms, peanut butter cups, and chocolate cookies.
Tip: If you don't like chocolate or can't eat it, try white chocolate instead. Or come up with another tasty treat share with someone you love.