Ten Reason Your Kids Should Participate in a Summer Reading Program

by Rebecca J. Gomez When my kids were young, summer reading programs were a sure thing. For the most part, my children were avid readers, especially my girls. A summer reading program wasn't necessary to encourage them to read, but we participated because it was a fun addition to summer. And the free pizza, books, and water park tickets definitely didn't hurt! There are lots of reasons to participate in a summer reading program or challenge, and here are ten of them: 1. Many summer reading programs offer prizes. And while we all know that reading is its own reward, some kids haven't figured that out yet. For those kids, a prize is just the incentive they need to stick their noses in a book now and then over the summer. 2. It's a fun way to reward those kids who will be reading no matter what! 3. For some families, trips to the library may help break up summer monotony.  4. Summer reading programs promote reading together as a family, especially for those with very young

Poem in Your Pocket Day!

Today is Poem in Your Pocket Day, so to wrap up the celebration of poetry we've been having all month long, the team here at Read, Discuss, Do! decided to take some poems out of our virtual pockets to share with you! 

From Rebecca:

This is a limerick inspired by the book Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Suess.

Sam I Am

by Rebecca J. Gomez

There once was a fellow named Sam

who loved to eat green eggs and ham.

All day and all night

he said, "Please take a bite!"

But I told him, "No way, Sam I Am!"

From Laura:

Spring Tea

by Laura Sassi

Look what I spotted while walking today:

Colorful proof spring is now on its way.

Crouched on my knees, with my camera in focus

I captured this bee sipping lunch from a crocus.

From Mindy:

A poem from the book Pocket Poems, selected by Bobbi Katz and illustrated by Marilyn Hafner.

From Did You Ever Think

by Bobbi Katz

No one has a fingerprint

    just like you.

No one smells exactly

    the way that you do! 

There are "look-alikes" and people

    with the very same name.

But no two people are

    exactly the same!

From Trine:

"Miss Boye was my childhood librarian. I discovered and purchased her book of poems written 1936-1956."

From Poems by Inger Boye, Children's Librarian, circa 1936

A garden full of flowers,

Tiny little sprouts,

Promising buds

Closed and half-opened,

Flowers of all colors,

Of all shades,

Of all forms; 

Fragrant and lovely,

Dirt that is rich,

Dirt that is poor.

That is the field

In a children's library.

The Gardener - 

A children's librarian...

...A work of love.

From Tina: 

A poem that her kindergarten students enjoy.


by Shel Silverstein

I have a Band-Aid on my finger,

One on my knee, and one on my nose,

One on my heel, and two on my shoulder,

Three on my elbow, and nine on my toes.

Two on my wrist, and one on my ankle,

One on my chin, and one on my thigh,

Four on my belly, and five on my bottom,

One on my forehead, and one on my eye.

One on my neck, and in case I might need 'em

I have a box full of thirty-five more.

But oh! I do think it's sort of a pity

I don't have a cut or a sore!

Do you have a poem in your "pocket" today? We'd love to read it!