Snack and Story: Trail of Fruit Rings

By Mindy Baker


Need something fun to brighten up your day? Try this book that is a unique combination of graphic novel-like artwork in black and white combined and blended with bursts of vibrant color artwork. The story is set up as a journal that chronicles an alien’s (the unicorn) 100 days on Earth in the home of a little girl and her family. In the end he recommends that more of his kind come to Earth for a vacation!


READ: Invasion of the Unicorns by David Biedrzycki


While you read the story, snack on some "fruit rings" cereal. Save some for a fun activity after reading and discussing the book!



  • What do you think unicorns might eat?
  • Can you think of a food/fruit for every color of the rainbow?
  • In the story, the unicorn keeps a journal. What would you write in a journal about today?

DO: Trail of Fruit Rings Activity


Version One:

All players close their eyes and count to twenty while one player hides. The player who hides is pretending to be a unicorn. He must leave a trail of fruit rings for the other players to follow so they can find him.


Version Two:

Take turns hiding a unicorn stuffed animal or figurine and leave a trail of fruit loops to follow to help the other players “find” the unicorn.