Reading Road Trip: Construction Zone

Welcome to stop two on the Reading Road Trip! If you’re just joining us, be sure to download the roadmap so you can follow along. Also, sign up here for a chance to win a prize pack at the end of the summer! The reading road trip continues this week with a drive through a construction zone! Unlike construction zones in real life, which can slow us down or bring us to a full stop and add a lot of frustration to a journey, this construction zone is all about bringing a little construction-themed fun to the summer! So we hope you take some time this week to spend a little “building” time with your kids, reading books with a construction theme—whether that be books about building with blocks or bricks, toys or giant cranes. Continue reading for story time ideas and a construction themed reading list. Read : Books that fit the theme of “construction zone,” however you want to interpret it! FEATURED BOOK: Billions of Bricks by Kurt Cyrus Billions of Bricks by Kurt Cyrus is a book about b

Snack and Story: Trail of Fruit Rings

By Mindy Baker


Need something fun to brighten up your day? Try this book that is a unique combination of graphic novel-like artwork in black and white combined and blended with bursts of vibrant color artwork. The story is set up as a journal that chronicles an alien’s (the unicorn) 100 days on Earth in the home of a little girl and her family. In the end he recommends that more of his kind come to Earth for a vacation!


READ: Invasion of the Unicorns by David Biedrzycki


While you read the story, snack on some "fruit rings" cereal. Save some for a fun activity after reading and discussing the book!



  • What do you think unicorns might eat?
  • Can you think of a food/fruit for every color of the rainbow?
  • In the story, the unicorn keeps a journal. What would you write in a journal about today?

DO: Trail of Fruit Rings Activity


Version One:

All players close their eyes and count to twenty while one player hides. The player who hides is pretending to be a unicorn. He must leave a trail of fruit rings for the other players to follow so they can find him.


Version Two:

Take turns hiding a unicorn stuffed animal or figurine and leave a trail of fruit loops to follow to help the other players “find” the unicorn.