Poetry Challenge Week Four: Blackout Poems

 It’s week FOUR of the Weekly Poetry Challenge, and this week is all about blackout poems! A blackout poem is created by taking a block of text—like from a newspaper, magazine, or book—and “blacking out” everything except the words you want. Here’s a blackout poem I wrote: Created using the book MAKE BLACKOUT POETRY by John Carroll Read some black out poems! Here are some blackout poems by author Austin Kleon . Examples of student-created blackout poems . Check out this Pinterest board for more examples. Write a black out poem! When creating your blackout poem, you may to start with a pencil and circle or block around the words you want to keep for your poem. Then, once you’re happy with your poem use a sharpie to black out everything you don’t want. Blackout poetry is a great visual, but you can also type out your poem when you’re done to make it easier to read. Need a little help? Here’s a video by Austin Kleon on how he makes blackout poetry. If you or your kids write blackout poem

Favorite Christmas Books from the team at Read, Discuss, Do!

Merry Christmas! 'Tis the season for reading Christmas-themed books and the team here at Read, Discuss, Do has gathered a few of our all-time favorites. We hope you enjoy our sampling of titles - classic and new. What would you add to our list?  Leave a comment below to let us know.  Happy Reading!

Rebecca’s Picks: 

MOUSE'S CHRISTMAS GIFT by Mindy Baker, illustrated by Dow Phumiruk. I love this book because of how it captures the beautiful simplicity of celebrating Christmas for what it truly is. No fanfare or long shopping lists necessary, just a community coming together to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

MR. WILLOWBY'S CHRISTMAS TREE by Robert Barry. I love the delightful, festive silliness of this story.

A childhood favorite, which is out of print now, I believe, is SANTA'S CRASH-BANG CHRISTMAS by Steven Kroll, illustrated by Tomie dePaola. I found the slapstick humor of this book to be quite amusing as a kid, while still feeling sympathy for poor Santa's plight. (I couldn't find a decent image of the cover, so I'm including a picture of the terribly abused copy I found at a yard sale a few years ago.)

Laura's Picks:

THE SWEET SMELL OF CHRISTMAS written by Patricia Scarry and illustrated by J.P. Miller. Multiple generations of my family have loved this classic scratch ’n sniff story about a lovable bear waking up to discover the sweet smells of Christmas. A favorite year after year.

ANGELA AND THE BABY JESUS written by Frank McCourt and illustrated by Raul Colon.  My family loves this delightful story based on the true story of Frank McCourt’s mother who took home the Baby Jesus from her parish’s outdoor nativity because she felt sorry for Him being out in the cold.

WHO IS COMING TO OUR HOUSE? written by Joseph Slate and illustrated by Ashley Wolff.  This sweet board book, in which the animals in the Christmas stable anticipate who might be coming the visit, is perfect for bedtime.  My kids loved it all year round when they were teeny tiny.

Mindy's Picks: 

DASHER: HOW A BRAVE LITTLE DOE CHANGED CHRISTMAS FOREVER by Matt Tavares. This is the story of how Dasher came to be one of Santa’s reindeer. I love the magical tone and beautiful illustrations that the author uses to spin the tale of Dasher’s quest from her job with the J.P. Finnegan’s Traveling Circus and Menagerie all the way to meeting Santa and living at the North Pole, with only the North Star to guide her. 

JUST RIGHT FOR CHRISTMAS by Birdie Black and illustrated by Rosalind Beardshaw. A king decides to give his daughter a beautiful long, red cloak for Christmas, so the sewing maids snip and sew until it is wrapped and ready. They put the scraps outside the door where Jenny the kitchen maid finds them and makes a jacket for her ma. She also places the scraps outside her door, and the chain continues as Bertie Badger makes a hat for his pa, a squirrel makes gloves for his wife, and finally Milly Mouse makes a scarf for her son Billy. I love how all of the gifts are just right for each recipient! It is a cozy little story with the sweetest illustrations.

ONE SPLENDID TREE by Marilyn Helmer. A mother and her son named Junior have to move to the city while the father is away at war. The mother has to work in a factory and money is tight. This year there will be no Christmas tree. But when Junior finds an old plant in the hallway, he has an idea that transforms the plant and eventually brings the entire apartment complex together to celebrate. This is a heartwarming story about togetherness and unity even in difficult circumstances.

Tina's Picks:

TOUGH COOKIE written and illustrated by Edward Hemingway is a unique Gingerbread story in which the sugar cookie man has to find a new identity and purpose.

GOODNIGHT MANGER by Laura Sassi, illustrated by Jane Chapman is a beautiful rhyming picture book about the sounds and busyness of the manger. How can Mary get baby Jesus to sleep?

THE CRIPPLED LAMB by Max Lucado and illustrated by Liz Bonham is an endearing story about a crippled lamb's purpose in the birth of Jesus.

Trine's Picks: 

GOOD KING WENCESLAS by J.M. Neale A beautiful story (and song is included) about generosity, sharing from our abundance, and caring for our neighbors, especially the poor.

THE TAILOR OF GLOUCESTER by Beatrix Potter Again, a sweet and sometimes funny classic story of kindness and helping one another.  And kids love animal characters.

ONE WINTRY NIGHT by Ruth Graham Bell The most beautiful illustrations. A classic telling a child learning the depth of God’s love and protection for him and the true meaning of Christmas.

SANTA'S FAVORITE STORY by Hisako Aoki and Ivan Gantschev Super cute story! Here is the blurb: When Santa Claus tells the forest animals that he is not looking forward to delivering all those heavy packages, they are worried that there won’t be a Christmas anymore.   He then tells them the story of the first Christmas.


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