Marshmallow Friends: A Read, Discuss, Do! Craft

Submitted by Mindy Baker

Most Marshmallows,
written and illustrated by Rowboat Watkins, is a simple picture book about…marshmallows! It depicts activities that “most marshmallows” do…things like going to school, celebrating birthdays, and watching T.V. However, some marshmallows secretly know that all marshmallows can be anything they dare to imagine! This book can lead you to discuss what makes your child unique, and dream together about what he or she could accomplish in the future. Plus…it is the perfect segue leading to a fall family bonfire with s’mores! 

READMost Marshmallows by Rowboat Watkins

DISCUSS: What makes you extraordinary and what do you dream about accomplishing in the future? 


  1. What are some of the things that most marshmallows do in the book?

  2. Do you do any of those activities, too?

  3. What are some of the extraordinary things that the pictures depict some marshmallows doing at the end of the book?

  4. What are some things about you that make you unique and extraordinary? What are some of your talents?

  5. What is something you would like to do in the future? Is there a specific job that sounds interesting? (Share with your child about an accomplishment or about how you came to have the career you have, if appropriate. You could also share with them something that you are still dreaming to accomplish.)



DO: Decorate some giant extraordinary marshmallows! 

You will need:

  • 1 package giant marshmallows

  • Markers

  • Glue gun

  • Googly eyes

  • Variety of “bits and bobbles” for the hair and accessories of your marshmallow.


1. If you want, use a marker to color your marshmallow.

2. With a glue gun, attach the googly eyes. A low temp or cool melt glue gun is best.

3. Use bits of yarn, fabric, sequins, chenille stems, or other bits and bobbles to make the marshmallow into a unique friend.

Option: Use frosting or other edible decorations if you prefer

4. What makes your marshmallow extraordinary? 

5. If marshmallows could have jobs, what job do you think your marshmallow would have?