Read, Discuss, and Do with MARI IN THE MARGINS

By Marci Whitehurst The best books make readers feel like they aren’t alone. They’re seen. Understood. Our very own  Rebecca J. Gomez  accomplishes this flawlessly in Mari in the Margins , her new middle grade novel in verse, published by Bandersnatch Books. It releases May 14 th !  Here’s a snippet about the novel, which you’ll surely want to READ:   For Marivel Jiménez, life in her big family is full of chaos. Feeling overlooked by her parents and overshadowed by her siblings is frustrating, and it's even worse to have the constant attention of her annoying, mischievous three-year-old sister, Susana.  Caught between her need to be noticed and her dream of having time to herself, Marivel pours herself into poetry and, eventually, art journaling. When she hears of a school-wide poetry contest, she sees winning as a chance to escape the margins of her family and finally be seen. Doesn’t that sound amazing? That’s because it is. I was honored to read the book ahead of its release—and

Summer Challenge Week ELEVEN: Back to School


Welcome to week ELEVEN of the Read, Discuss, Do Summer Challenge! This is the final week of the challenge. Summer is coming to an end. School is starting, or has started, or will start soon! We hope that you will use this week's challenge as inspiration to read some fun school-related books and get out and have some end-of-summer fun with your family. Whatever you do, have a good time. And remember, reading together doesn't have to end just because the summer does!

Suggested titles:

My Teacher is a Monster! (No I am Not.) by Peter Brown - a funny book that will help your little one realized that teachers are real people too.

Two Tough Trucks by Corey Rosen Schwartz and Rebecca J. Gomez, illustrated by Hilary Leung - An action packed rhyming story about two very different trucks learning to get along on the first day of school. 

Iggy Peck, Architect by Andrea Beaty, illustrated by David Roberts - Laugh out loud as Iggy Peck proves to his teacher that his dream of erecting towering structures is worth pursuing. 

* * * 

Come back next week (August 20th) for an END OF SUMMER BASH, which will include a round-up of all the Summer Challenge books and fun, a guest post on easy ways to use art to extend the benefits of story time, a giveaway, and more!